Library development & Management

To support basic education by ensuring access to books, ...

Child literacy and Numeracy

To teach ‘in or out-of-school’ children how to read and write.


To provide guidance and support for at risk youths.
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To inspire and facilitate the pursuit of academic excellence by creating platforms for young people to engage their minds and display their intellectual prowess thereby building a life-time capacity for flexible, analytical thinking and purposeful leadership.
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03 April

Career counseling

These are the common theme that came up during our career counseling and life skill seminar last week Thursday organised by PEA Foundation1⃣ Some of the students are beginning to realise very late that maybe they have chosen the wrong class and would be sitting for an exam that they might probably not do very […]

03 April

What would you like to be in future?

I believe this is a question that has plagued most of us since high school.Days where we were struggling with passing tests and examinations.😥Days when we struggled with a particular course, and for some us a lot of subjects.😣Days where the fear of WAEC and JAMB is the beginning of wisdom!We couldn’t even contemplate finishing […]

03 April

What would you like us to do for your organization?

Most times when I post on here, I imagine some faceless person squeezing their face, and saying what is it with this girl and readingMost times though, these individuals are not faceless since they had actually commented on my FB page and to my face.I really am not surprised with the statement because according to […]

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